I-Maniacs Fanclub Chat

We have a very special guest joining us tonight and he is very excited to be here. He's made us laugh and cheer week after week, he always seems to "get the girl" and he's the Official's right hand man! Without our very special guest, the Agency would fall apart and no one would be able to find anything. Fellow Imaniacs, please give a warm and generous welcome to that Lovable Lackey, the "invisible" super sleuth attaché...MIKE MCCAFFERTY!!!

Mike: Hello everybody. I'm so excited. Very excited and I want to say a couple things first. I want to say thanks a lot to everyone for being such great fans. from the start you've been great fans. I followed this from the beginning from the Internet, and it's overwhelming how it's grown I feel like I know everyone here. this show wouldn't be here without you guys. I guess the 2nd thing is that this next season (1.5) is gonna be really, really good I think. it's really like it's own season that's why it's 1.5. there's an arch and developments and characters that make it a great situation and I think there will be a time when you guys will be rewarded...is that the right word? You get to vote and we get to say thanks one last thing You're all first to know....thanks to your efforts as of next season I will be full time resident of the Invisible Man Cast!! so thank you everyone

Thanks Mike for your kind words about the fans! And congratulations!! Now we'll start the Q & A session.

<Spud> What karaoke song would Eberts have to sing if there ever was a karaoke scene in the show?

Mike: oh boy. oh come on spud *laughs* let's see ... can I come back with a clever answer on that one? Oh .. hang on ... I know! The William Shatner version of Tambourine Man Actually I might sing that, not Eberts .. but there you have it.

<Spud> it works. thank you!

Mike: BTW -- thank you for the website Spud, you're aces.

<silverLAB> Do you think we will  ever see a episode centered on Eberts or at least find out more info about him?

Mike: Um ... I think so! I talked with the writers; Craig and a new one Steve Binder. He wrote 2, neither of which I was in. When I met him at the party he pitched a bunch of stories and the only ones they did were the ones I wasn't in and he feels bad about that. But in talking to them, they told me they just had an Eberts script accepted!
So we'll be seeing this in season 2!

Mike: It is indeed [very exciting].

<silverist> Mike-we've heard what Vince & Paul would like to see happen in the show, what direction would you like to see-more comedy/conflict or ....?

Mike: You know I like the comedy aspect the pilot originally had, especially with the Agency and the ineptness of government and really off the wall things like Canadian Nationals. I think when Matt left after the 3rd episode it took a while for the show to find it's center again, [and] eventually it did. but I wouldn't mind going back to that again. it's a real balancing act to pull that off but when you do, it's great.

<SciFiFan47> Sorry if you've already answered this question but are you a
science fiction fan? Besides Invisible Man of course.

Mike: I am a HUGE scifi fan!! Thank you! This is sort of like a dream come true for me because ever since I was a little kid I've loved scifi. Star Trek, which is on SciFi right now! Me and my friends were just remarking on the fact that this guy looks nothing like Jeff Hunter. What's that all about?

**For very cute pictures of Mike in his "Trek get-up" visit his webpage.**

Mike: [I loved] Babylon 5, Dune, Battlestar Galactica. So yeah, I'm a huge scifi fan
I'm the only real hard core sci fi fan of the cast and among the writers too, interestingly enough. but that's okay. So whenever anyone has any questions about the scifi aspect of it, they come to me.

<Helena> Do you read as well as watch?

Mike: I used to read a lot more than I do now. I used to embrace the literacy a lot more. I read Asimov, Arthur C. Clark, the Dune novels, [and] a lot of the early scifi. I dunno I think I got stupid, I just stopped reading.

<sahall77> if you answered this before, I'm sorry.  But how did you know this was the right show for you other than being a sci fi fan?  Because we all think your perfect for the part and we love ya...

Mike is now showered with compliments and terms of endearment =)

Mike: the answer is .. um ..It was the right show because it had a paycheck at the end of it primarily.

LoL, we appreciate your honesty.

Mike: secondarily it grabbed a mousy charactery type and beyond that it just .. I thought I had a good idea where they wanted to go with it. luckily I was right!

<sage26> Here goes! Hey Mike! Thanks SO much for chatting with us! Ok, for my question, I'd like to ask where do you see yourself in 10 years? Either regarding the show or personal life.

Mike: Gosh, digging ditches probably.  No that's not true...If the show goes on for 10 years I'd love to be part of it and then probably, lounging here in Vegas for the rest of  my life living off the royalties and going to scifi conventions. You know it's kind of funny with the grave digging here I am doing a tv show and I'm ... digging ditches .. so...Still married to Sarah of course. Maybe a couple of kids...Eberts jr's. no one hold me to this please

Now we're all seeing little baby boys in tiny suits...Eberts McCafferty. Has a nice ring to it.

<RevTrask> Everybody knows who shot the sheriff...so...who shot the deputy?

Mike: That one stumped me Rev. I shot the sheriff...but...beyond that ...

* RevTrask tries to live without knowing...but it's hard.

Mike: I need a clarification there. I know it's a Bob Marley song.

<quicksilvermad> Hey Mike!  My question is, how many different ties does Eberts have anyways?  And, I have to tell you I'm working on your portrait right now!

Mike: Thank you for the portrait. I will hang it over my mantle. as far as ties; Eberts has an infinite number of ties all stored in various closets hidden throughout the southern united states.

LoL, now everyone down in the South is going to find a tie of Eberts', which he'll never get now, since the South is covered in ice.

And then, a party crasher came to ask his question, which we allowed =D

<neveroddoreven> Um, there's nothing I don't already know...jk!

Mike: that's terrifying

<neveroddoreven> Ok, I got one...So, Mike...... What's your favorite prop?

Mike: What a great question! I can't speak highly enough of our incredible props staff. I think everyone else now knows your real persona but to answer you question "never" ...

Oh, we think never's just joshing around.

Mike: I would have to say my favorite prop would be ....

<neveroddoreven> The watch, right?

Mike: THE TRI-DIMENSIONAL DATA VIEWERS. the watch is a close 2nd

<neveroddoreven> How about the briefcase that never was used? It was so

Mike: About that scene ... I think I mentioned about the images that were in the viewers while I was trying to talk-- how difficult it was trying to rattle off a group of people while looking at Disney photos. Not put into the scene at the end of the scene Eddy picks up the data viewer and looks at it, probably looking at Laila, sort of drooling. he added that in and it didn't make the cut.

We're sensing that Walt is spinning in his grave...er, freezer.

Mike: The "I want the purple one" line Vince did was ad-libbed. The way Paul and Vince work is interesting to watch. they get the script before they get ready to rehearse. they look it over and then start riffing on it. of course all of the time it's usually better because it's how they talk. it makes it harder for those of us who tend to stick with the script. especially Eddy. poor Eddy.

<neveroddoreven> Then completely forget the lines that were written...

Mike: Exactly. but sometimes those beautifully crafted lines don't make it to the camera.

<neveroddoreven> Eddie keeps up with them better now, now that he realizes
that's just the way they work.

<Nebula> Ok, first off I want to thank you soooo much for putting my web page URL on your links page! twice, nontheless ^_^ and for my question..

Mike: Your welcome! I accidentally left out yours Spud, sorry

<Spud> it's okay *g*

<Nebula> I know that you were in "You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown" (playing Charlie himself), do you have a favorite instrument? or have you played an instrument? other than your voice? =)

Mike: I play the piano. for About 12 years I played the piano, just sort of picked it up which means I'm a hack. but for 5 years I was part of an acapella quartet. I did karaoke at the party. I can't remember what I sang, but someone sang summer nights like 3 times and drove us NUTS!

<R2> okay Mike .. this is for Lauren (OboeCrazy) Do you think there will ever be a backstory for Eberts, or can you give us one?

* RevTrask heard that Eberts put himself thru college as a taxi dancer
<Fawkes-fan> what is a taxi dancer?
<Spud> male escort
* Helena thinks that Eberts' wife put him through college :-)

Mike: I don't know if there is a back story for Eberts. I don't mind that there isn't one right now, it adds to his mystery. I tried to keep out the IRS line just so you never knew what he did. there were a couple takes I did put it in and some where I didn't and we went with it. it's just kind of funny that you don't know what this guy does or where he came from. he just sort of... talks

* R2 thinks he came from Vulcan

Mike: oh, I liked it better the first time

<IvyThePlant> an enigma wrapped in a mystery shrouded in paperwork

Mike: where is that from Ivy?

<IvyThePlant> from the dark recesses of my mind
<IvyThePlant> just popped out
<IvyThePlant> probably flashbacks from my previous job

Mike: I got so... carried I forgot I answered a question!

<MrsSpooky> First off Mike, I think you know that Eberts is all our favorite teddy bear in a tie. :) My question is - what is your favorite type of music. What is EBERTS' favorite music?

Mike: I want to divert here for a minute ...I want to talk About Mrs. Spooky and the first time I came in contact with her...I remember I was looking over the GvsE website when they were getting ready to cancel the show and put our show in.  I wanted to see what everyone was saying About it and Mrs Spooky seemed like a literate person. She wanted to boycott I-Man. She wanted to boycott our show

<MrsSpooky> Um...Mike...

Mike: She was so mad .. that worried me obviously ...hold on, hold on
it gets better!!!

<MrsSpooky> honey....
Mike: So I took the time to email her and tell her I was in the show and that I agreed that it was bad they were canceling the show but I asked her to please sample the show first, and she emailed back that she would watch it, that she had no malice toward the show but she just wanted to raise the attention of the sci fi channel. eventually, of course, she became a great fan of the show and she's right here right now.

<MrsSpooky> All because of YOU

Mike: and so I was appreciative of the fact that she took time to give the show a chance.

<MrsSpooky> I really don't remember urging people to boycott the show, but after you posted, I did ask them all to give y'all a chance.

Mike: I like to call R2 the number one fan, but I like to call Mrs Spooky the number 0 fan because she was there before anyone else was.

<MrsSpooky> Isn't he cute? :)

Mike: Now I should answer her question ...

Mike: My music (Mike) is either classical or show tunes because it's kind of work and pleasure at the same time as far as Eberts...I think head banging music

There's a ska bone in every character! Now we want to see Eberts in a mosh pit. ;D

Mike: Sometimes he subs in for Megadeath.

LOL!!! Heavy Metal Eberts! Punk concert hopping with Claire, body surfing over the crowd...Freddy Mercury!

Mike: yeah, body surfing...right...

Now people are picturing Eberts as a Twisted Sister band member. Or maybe rapping in front of a mirror in a towel. LoL. Now we could see Hobbes, Darien, Eberts and Claire head banging in the car to "bohemian rhapsody."

<MissingDo> Hi Mike: This is from two brains.. MissingDoor and The MalteseHobbes.. two brains.. one computer...Our question is... which do you prefer? Working on TV or in live theater? Anything planned for live theater during the break?

Mike: Well .. as a matter of fact, I just finished doing a show in Iowa of all places where they don't even get what the Invisible Man. at least where I was.

Mike: It's in Riverside, too far away! As far as to which one I prefer...they are 2 totally different animals. I love doing TV and film because of the intimacy .. but I love doing theater because of the immediate feedback you get. it's kind of difficult to film something and then forget About it for 3 months to a year and then expect to have any sort of visceral reaction to it. The show I did in Iowa was called A Hometown Christmas and it was a recreation of a dinner party in 1913. I had to sing About 30 songs. if you want to see what the show looked like go to www.hotelpattee.com and there are some pics from last year too, but we're also starting to reshoot in Jan .. so .. look for Season 2!!

Mike: Thanks MissingDoor. My dad's here, and he says "hello" to everyone. So is my friend Tony. wanna ask my dad or Tony a question?

<Fawkes-fan> Yes, what was Mike like as a young boy?

Mike: My dad's answer was...he was always in his room writing scripts with a blunt pencil.

<Misbe> Thanks for talking to us tonight....Are we going to find out what the tension between Hobbes and Eberts is?  Hi Mike's Dad!

Mike: As far as the tension being explained, we haven't gotten that far yet, but it's still going to be there and it's going to bump up a bit! The way Paul describes it, and I agree, is that it's sort of like 2 siblings. I was always the "good kid" and he was the one who was the rebel of the family and so we just bicker all the time. I think that's what the tension is...

So we see the two vying for *Daddy's* approval.

<Misbe> bye the way Mike...I can see Eberts singing Feelings with a karaoke machine very easily....

Mike: when I went in and assessed how I would treat the characters. I originally decided I wasn't going to like Darien. but the way it all turned out, and Vince is such a nice guy, is that it got flip flopped and once Paul hooked onto that, he ran with that in the only way he can. LOL Misbe on the "Feelings" I like that. My step-sister says "hi" as well. BTW I don't live with my family, just so you know, I'm visiting them in Michigan.

<ZombieTongue> What films have you been casted in, and what was your favorite?

Mike: I've done 4 films, 3 independent, and 1 which will never see the light of day... in that one I got to play a trekkie.

* neveroddoreven would like to point out how many people were on the beach here in SD when he flew in today.

Mike: we love those prop guys, don't we...I was in "Bring it On" but they cut my scene. I was a perverted science teacher.

Sorry, About that one.  But at least we don't have to endure two hours of cheerleading.

Mike: It's okay... because I'm not sure my mom could have handled that.

<WyldInvisiChyld> What is your favorite food?

Mike: that's actually a good one! dessert wise .. I'm a big fan of chocolate chip cookies.... my step sister is making some right now, party at my house as far as regular food ... I'm a simply guy I'm just happy with meat and potatoes basically.

Hey, now we know how to bribe--I mean shower him with gifts.

Mike: right, right! Just don't make it meat and potatoes in the mail, please.


<Lori-hobbesaholic> Hi Mike! Thanks for coming and nice to "meet" you.
What's you fave IMan episode, and why...from a purely viewer perspective?

Mike: I think Ralph from a viewer perspective, and my friend Tony agrees. When we got the first 3 scripts, I didn't know how they were going to pull off this show from the pedestrian approach. then I got Ralph, and it blew me away. Just a sweet story that took a unique look at being invisible, and I knew from that point that we were going to be okay. My favorite, to do myself, was The Other Invisible Man. overall, that's my 2nd favorite too because there were so many neat things About it. I got to stun Darien with a stun baton. at the end, when we're all holding him down, it turned into a hug and I got to feel like I was part of the group it was a bonding thing for all of us, very neat.

<kagee24> Hey mike! thanx soooo much for joining us, so here's my question: Well since we did ask Vince and Paul this question I just have to ask you this one,.......boxers or briefs? 8-)

Mike: well ... uh ... isn't this like a don't ask don't tell sort of thing here? but the answer is ... uh ... Boxers. I do have some Darth  Maul boxers as well as Mr. Potato head.

<CitrusBlast> Thanks, Mr McCafferty, what is Eberts whole name?? I've been wondering that since the first eppy...

Mike: Well ... Eddy has a suspicion that it's Percival. I'm not quite sure myself. I'm not sure he HAS any other name besides Eberts, because it's never mentioned and it seems to serve as both a first and last name. So... yeah...

Eberts. The next Prince, Madonna, and Tina.

<neveroddoreven> I like Hank...
<Misbe> Thadueus...
<neveroddoreven> Hank Eberts...
<RevTrask> Rock Eberts

Mike: Although the name Josh has been bantered around...

<IvyThePlant> Axel Eberts?
<R2> Oscar Eberts!
<Fawkes-fan> Hank Eberts does have a nice ring to it
<neveroddoreven> My mom likes that name...
<Helena> I like Joshua Eberts :-)

Mike: Siskel Eberts maybe.

<Jago-ji> Hullo Mike!  Thanks for being here!  Okay my question is a bit off the wall and goofy, but I am a way off the wall person....What would you do if you were being followed by paparazzi?

Mike: that's a good question. it's something I've never considered until somebody figured out my website, *wink at R2*, and I realized I had a lot of personal info there. but I think at least for the first 10 years I'll post for everyone for at least an hour  and then the latter half of my life will become violent.

Okay, we're trying to envision Mike grabbing a camera and smashing it to the ground....uh uh...just don't see it.

Mike: Um .. well .. at this point in my career it wouldn't be a BAD problem to have! I'm pretty good natured about it, I wouldn't care

Mike is a crotchety old man many years from now, yelling at teenage boys to get off his property. Headlines in the near future at the supermarket: "Crazed fan screams I HAD EBERTS BABY!!"

Mike: I like it! I like it! good question though, Jago. something to think About in the future. Yeah, you're outside my house Jago, aren't you?

The Eberts Teenyboppers! Painted faces with Mike's name on it. Backstreet Who? Nsync what? People screaming I had Eberts LOVE child! It's not "stalking"...it's love.

<IvyThePlant> If IMan was suddenly revamped into a cartoon and auditions were held for the part *imagines Scooby and Papa Smurf waiting in line at the casting office*... which cartoon character (do you think) would portray Eberts the best? *Ivy ponders a new recast*

Mike: oh that's easy...Mr. Smithers. In the original description of the character, Smithers was mentioned. Eberts was a Smithers-like character. Maybe Eberts is Waylon then...

<I-Mom> When did you realize you wanted to be an actor?

Mike: My senior year in High School I tried out for the musical Grease, and to my surprise I got a good part in it and after that I got hooked on it and never really looked back. I was going to be a computer programmer...I played "Roger" and he sang the song called "Mooning."

<R2> Mike (for Gina) what was your favorite toy as a kid?

Mike: Um.. my favorite toy was probably micronauts. legos too... and red viewmasters

<fawkesielady> what is your favorite kind of movie? horror, comedy etc, I
love horror

Mike: I like horror too, but they honestly scare me sometimes. I watch them, but they scare the crap out of me. I get nightmares sometimes! I guess Scifi would have to be the answer to that one, being the huge fan that I am.

<Nebula> got a favorite movie? =)

Mike: and as far as favorite movie recently, hands down...Matrix. I did see X-Men and I liked it a lot too. My favorite character in that movie would probably be ... I guess Wolverine. from the comic book Sprite and Nightcrawler.

<Fawkes-fan> Hi Mike! Thanks for coming.  Is there any chance of The Official treating Eberts with more respect in the future? I feel so badly for poor Eberts.

Mike: The acting blew me away in that movie. To be honest I think recalling season 1.5 I think there's going to be less respect for Eberts. he gets the bad end of a lot of deals there.

Poor Eberts! GEMS -- UNITE!! grab the torch and storm the castle/Agency!!

Mike: There's a lot of "shut up Eberts" than in Season 1

<Doretta78> MIKE!!! :)  You rock!  Do you ever get the chance to read any fan fiction?  And if so...did you get a chance to check out the contest fics on R2's site?

Mike: I would like too, I've read a couple of them early on but because of copyright infringement on stories that seem similar I can't really. I've been trying to write a script for I-Man and if I accidentally incorporate someone's fanfic into my story I could be sued for plagiarism.

I think every fanfic writer would love to have a piece of their fanfic make it to your script.

Mike: I know that none of you guys would ever sue, but ... just the fact that people know I read fanfics online means I could be open to any litigation because someone could say I stumbled across theirs somewhere else. so I wish I could but ... I think I'm gonna have to stop.

<Delka> Okay here goes "How important do you think the fans are to the
show? Or better yet what do you think of us IMan fans?"

Mike: I think fans are the biggest resource to any scifi show. just look at Star Trek or Babylon 5. I think a fan is worth 20 regular viewers of any show because you'll go out of your way to make someone watch the show. I think I-Man fans are AMAZING. the fact that you've rallied around this show after only 14 episodes and you stuck around through this horrendous 3 month hiatus. so I knew from the very beginning I wanted to reach out to you and that you had a voice and we'd listen to you. I think that in season 1.5 you guys will be rewarded. It will be worth it, trust me.

<Carli33> Hiya Mike! We're honored to have you with us! You probably know me
as Keeper of PBV, Paul's friend Suzi, & I've heard wonderful things About
you! My question is, would you like to see Eberts in a relationship with the

Mike: Wow it's really weird you should mention that....Uh...the answer is...No.

No they're not, or no you aren't going to answer? :D

Mike: I think you will see some connections, but nothing with Eberts. Can't say. wait until January. I'm sorry.

I think we all recall the words "bedroom" "Hobbes" and "keeper" in the same sentence...

<Adelheide> I have a two-parter. Mike, thanks for being with us tonight.  We really appreciate you taking the time to chat. Part A)  Did you ever go to cons in your sci fi fans days?

Mike: yes I did. I went to 1 convention .. it was when Shatner and Nimoy did one together. there were 5000 people there. Some guy kept shouting out "Tell us about the Warp Factor 9." no one knew what he was talking About.

<Adelheide> Okay, Part B) Does this give you a unique perspective on sci fi
fans, now that you have some of those fans

Mike: absolutely. being one of the scifi fans, I know exactly what it's like to be a fan and to want to reach out and connect to the show. that's why I try to do the files and email people back when I can. to make you feel we're all working together for this.

Mike: Let me ask YOU something here... Who is planning on going to comciccon... just a quick yes/no.

Looks like a lot of people are going.

<KatrynSedai>   A question:  Any news on whether IMan will be participating in comic con this July (and if you will be in particular)?

Mike: I don't' see why we won't. it's here in San Diego and it's the largest scifi convention.

Now I (Spud) wish San Diego was closer to Atlanta...

Mike: we did it last year. the cast and crew are VERY excited to meet the fans, especially the fan club fans. Kind of like when R2 Helena and Katryn were on the set everyone was like "it's the fan club girls." I hope everyone can make it, because we'll definitely try to make it. If the I-Man doesn't go, I'll go to comiccon to meet you guys.

Excellent news, Mike!
Spud bats her eyelashes ::CoughDragonConcough::

Mike: If someone pitches for a plane ticket to GA I'll go! Now that I'm a series regular, they can do what they want with me.

Hrm...Let's see if we got any cash in the bank.... Now the east coasters are coming up with ALL kinds of fund-raising ideas now!

<Helena> Without revealing any possible spoilers, what is your "personal" take on the relationship of Eberts and The Official.  Personally, I still say Eberts is his nephew:  Cheap labor and all.

Mike: okay Brenda, it's never been banted About with the writers, but I can see an uncle/nephew relationship or even a son/father relationship. it does kind of have a star wars effect and I don't know if it will ever happen. perhaps something with cloning, I'm not sure.

Helena chuckles.

You and Hobbes...both clones of the official...vying for his attention...Yeah, "Eberts, I'm your father." The official turns out to have asthma. A few sparti tanks in the office.

Mike: Tony says that I-Man is an excellent lead in to Farscape, BTW.

<Lisa-SmartyPants> Hello Mike, love your character's role in the Iman "family". I consider you the little brother. *g* We've heard About practical jokes around the set, have you played any? or have any stories to share?

Mike: Not really, I know that sounds like a lame answer but as far as I know, everyone is just trying to get through the show and figure out how it's all working.

Not a bit mischievous?

Mike: I think that by season 2... it's gonna start a little bit more crazy. Uh...as far as practical jokes, no. But they do goof around all the time. Vince is VERY serious on the set. Vince is so focused when he's on the set... Paul sometimes tries to throw him a little bit. especially with his adlibs. but, I'll try and come up with some practical jokes for season 2.

WhooHoo!! Let the blooper reels start!

Mike: I have a picture of me on my website wearing my I-Man shirt, BTW. I look terrible! But it's there Thank you all so much for the shirt.


Mike: It's just a picture, but enjoy! Just a little thanx for the cool shirt. Is that it?

We've got all the questions that were asked.

Mike: I want to thank you all so much, this has been a true thrill for me. I hope you enjoy the next 9. I'll do everything in my power to make the following 22 everything you guys want. I have to skiddaddle, but thanks again!

Thank you so much Mike! Everyone appreciates you answering their questions.  Also, a big thank you to the three women who made this possible, R2, Auntie Helena, and Katryn!