Date:  6/7/2000
Subject:  From a cast member...

Hey folks,

I'm not sure if this is legal or proper for me to do, but since I visit the sci-fi website anyway, I might as well say hello.

I play a small but recurring part in the series.
In the pilot, I'm in the Official's office and basically act as his right hand man. Although I'm never mentioned by name, the character is "Eberts" and to date I've appeared in 9 of the 11 episodes we've shot (actually only 8, but that's a long story).

I've already seen the pilot and it's pretty awesome. But I don't want to sway any opinions, so I'll let you decide. I can tell you that as a life long Sci-fi junkie (St: TOS and TNG, B-5, X-file, among MANY others) that I know that the fans can make the show (i.e. ST: TOS, B-5, Roswell). To that end I hope that you'll give the show a clean look and let them (The producers) know what you like. Additionally, I love this site, so if I ever see anything that I can pass on to any cast member or producer on a BBoard, I'll try my best.