Date:  8/22/2000
Subject:  Eberts' File: IHWYDT

Hello all -

Well my posts seem to be coming later and later, sorry about that. While I have the usual array of excuses, nonetheless, sorry.

Not too much opinion on ITHYDT from what I've seen on the BBoard. I'm assuming that you liked it and left it that that. I liked it too, aside from the fact that I wasn't in it. ;-)

 keeping that in mind, what I have to offer is rather sparse...

 * Short term memory loss is a true, but rare occurance. Thank goodness Hobbes found a cure for that becuase he might have gotten a little irratating like that over several episodes.

 * The orderly who got punched is a good friend of mine, Matt Thompson. He and I usually mess around anyway with the fake punching so it was nice to see him put it to good use. After he completed the punch the crew gave him a nice round of applause.

 * I also know the Nurse (Aloma) from a pilot we did together. I only mention this becuase the pilot never got picked up so this is the most airtime it will ever see. She is a great actress, though.

 * My birthday is not in August. Contrary to what IMDB says, I was not born in Minnesota, nor am I 21 years old. I'd like to be 21, but sadly that year has come and gone. I thank you for all the birthday wishes, but November is a better time for them.

 * And now praise for the insert team. Any close-up of a prop or even hand of an actor is more than likely suppiled but the tireless insert unit. There job is to make our jobs easier by filming things like shots of hands holding notes or keys in a car so that we don't have to. It's not a snob thing, just pure time saving or simply needing an extra shot to explain a scene. The example in this episode is the scars on the back of the ears. Rather than take a lot of the production's time at the location shooting it, they simply used a stand in and shot it at their leisure. I hope that wasn't a state secret or anything, but just thought you'd like to know.

 * VVBS'ERS!!! This Week!!

 Well that's what I got. I do have to say that from a totally non-objective point of view, the episodes are getting better and better. As we prepare for the last 9 of the season, I think that you'll be very pleased with the direction the show's heading as well as the character interactions, surprises and overall quality.

 Thanks for tuning in to our little show. I've noticed more people coming to this site. So to them: welcome; and to the 'old timers' ,thank you for making them (and me) feel at home.

Mike M.

P.S. -I'm putting the name of thew show in the post simply because I can't duplicate the post name.