Date:  9/10/2000
Subject:  Eberts File: Reunion

Hey everybody,

It's good to be back after the labor day break. Fortunately, Sci-fi ran the I-man marathon (although 3 epsiodes is a very liberal interpretation of the term "marathon") to keep the momentum going. We also hope you all enjoyed our surprize new ending to "Catevari" during the marathon. I happened to be half watching it and was totally confused by that. Well, you all wanted to see bloopers...

It's also great to come back and see so much activity on the BBoard. So many new people here it's really turning into a party. I hope that I-man can provide the metaphorical chips and drinks to keep the party going for a long time. I also can't believe I just wrote that.

Generally, it seems like most people really liked "Reunion". There were some valid questions posted about the ep, and having read some I appreciate your asking them. Your opinions are so important and so never be afraid to voice your thoughts.

So with all that in mind, here's what I remember from that ep...

* The Charles Schultz quote was especially neat for me. As I mentioned eariler, I'm playing Charlie Brown in the musical "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown". Charles Schultz was a great man it's nice to honor him in our opening.

* The graveyard sequence was filmed at Mt. Hope cemetary. I can't tell you hope creepy it was to be grave digging at midnight in a cemetary. This is the second of four episodes coming up to feature a cemetary.

* How did Vince know when to start talking in between his narration? Our script supervisor, Mimi sat in a corner of the room off camera and read the lines. They were later replaced with Vince's V.O.

* Now about that headstone: I remember standing there in the graveyard and looking at the headstone of Kevin. I asked 'Props Josh' (of joshdotcom fame) if this was the same headstone from the pilot. He didn't think so but added that it was made at the same place. I told him at the time that if the dates were wrong, the fans would pick it up. You're all just too clever. Sure enough, you did. Two days ago I talked to Josh and he said that it was the Art department that created the headstone. Now please keep in mind that the pilot was shot over a year ago and by different crew. That said though, I'm hoping some inventive person out there can come up with a plausable explaination of this headstone swtich. Anyone who does will definitely get an official 'Eberts thank you' and a possible pay raise from the agency.

* Arnaud is back! I have to say that for a guy surrounded by grenades at the end of the pilot, he sure looked good in this episode. But like all good villians, you can never quite kill them.

* here's bonus old tidbit: The daughter of Tiresias in "Tiresias" is actually the daughter of actor Brian Dennehey.

Well, I guess that's about it ( I 'm sleepy). We've started filming again and I can't wait until you see some of the things the writers have come up with during our hiatus! But I can tell you that it's very exciting and I think you'll love it. I'll post for "Cat and Mouse" (and maybe someday even drop by to chat) so until then, thanks for watching!!