Date:  9/21/2000
Subject:  Eberts File: C&M

Hey everybody -

Well this was about the latest I've posted so sorry about that. I was about to post on Monday, but Eddie had a chat and then Shannon so I didn't want to produce too much I-Man overload. So late Wednesday night, here we go.

I really liked C&M! It was nice to have some out and out action scenes. With a guy who turns invisible as a lead, you ultimately feature a lot of sneaking around, so it was refreshing to see a good old punching sequence. The episode overall was a lot of fun.

So here's some stuff...

* The Chinese guy who got killed in the intro works at Stu Segall on occasion. Thursday is also his birthday. Happy B-Day Chad!

* Daniel Roebuck is one of those actors that keep popping up. You may remember him from "Matlock", "US Marshalls" or "The Late Shift" as a be-chinned Jay Leno. He makes a great "Guy you love to hate" , except on the set in which he was fabulous. Someone pointed out that it's strange that an actor of his caliber would take that a small role unles he might come back sometime. Strange indeeed...

* Time to come clean on a little boo-boo I made. When I'm informed when I shoot, I usually receive a sheet that has the days and scenes I'm shooting. This week I read it wrong. I falsely believed that I would be shooting one scene that day when actually I was shooting two. Unfortunately, I wasn't as sharp on the lines for the next scene where The Official and I were working on the books. Fortunately, a few of the key words I needed fit nicely on the pages I was working on in the scene. I feel like the time I cheated in 9th grade German!

* I don't believe Eberts is Jewish, but out of deference to Hobbes he wore a yarmulke (or kippah) during the funeral.

* The funeral once again occurred at Mt. Hope Cemetary. A little less creepy in the daytime than in "Reunion".

* Eddie ad-libbed a funny line at the end of the book keeping scene that got cut. At the end, he looks at the books and asks "Who ordered the sushi?" Eberts says nothing but sheepishly buries his head in the book.

* And now slightly O/T: The winner of the most devoted / 'borderline needing a sedative' fan is R2! I was lurking and reading that you could perform the entire rap forward and backwards. I was going to tell this to Vince the other day then forgot too. Later I read the post of your boss taping it and your embarrassment. Finally, I just listened to the backward rap...Wow. Don't worry though, as an avid Star Trek fan who can recite lines to the old series as well as the complete text to "Khan", I know where you're coming from. And while I think Helena1, Openmind , MrsSpooky, amber117, solitaire_d (as well as about 20 others I'm forgetting) are up there, R2 is not only up there but "out there"! Let me know if I can tell Vince about your...talent. PS - nice web site too!

* Eddie also ad-libbed the "He's already invisible" line.

* I read the Eddie Jones interview. We need to chip in and buy him a spell checker ;-) . "Cat and Canary?" Eddie! "The English"? I have to kid him about that.

* As far as me for a chat, well who knows. I'm not an official part of the show so that becomes dicey. If you want to bug people about it, you are welcome to it. Who and how I have no idea. Otherwise, I'll just keep on posting here and it'll be our secret!

* The number to the president is on speed dial. Originally it was left unclear that it was the president that Miller was speaking to. Josh Butler set it during rehearsals.

Well, That's what I remember! I hope that these posts continue to be of interest. The show seems to be getting better and better. It's our hope that we can meet or exceed your expectations every single time. We have to because you stuck with us so far and you deserve the best.

Thanks, Mike