Date:  9/29/20
Subject:  Eberts' File: Beholder

Hello all -

I don't think I had any choice but to finally emerge from the woodwork and post after I read the "Why we love Eberts" post. That and the Eberts Rap were too much to ignore. If you want explanations, I was closing a stage show this week and had two days on the I-man set. Reguardless, your siren songs have lured me here yet again.

And now back to reality.

Hey, how about that Beholder? Neat concept about Darien seeing in different spectrums, eh? We heard a little about that in TOIM and since Craig wrote both it was bound to surface again. A great premise and a nice episode. Still, anything about eyes creep me out.

And now on to the tidbits...

* I loved the tri-dimensional data viewers! What fun they were. If you listen, Darien and I pronounce "data" in it's two different forms. This is because I pronounced it differently on different takes and Vince followed my lead. The result as you may well guess is two different takes in one scene. Tomato, Tomato, potato...

* The slides actually featured 3d shots from the movie "Dinosaur" except one that had disney shots. I used that one. The hard part was trying to speak about serious topics while looking at bambi and snow white.

* Someone pointed out that I have the difficult job of leading beautiful women around the agency. Yes, it is grueling but Eberts somehow carries on. In the lab scene, the script only says that 'The Offical looks at Eberts, who then escorts Leila out.' My question was, how would leila know it was time to leave if no one said anything? While I pondered the idea of just dragging her out unannounced, I managed to talk Josh into letting me ad-lib a little line so that she would know.

* R2, Vince now knows about your backward rapping capabilites. He was very amused.

* More praise for vince. The actress who played leila had to act blind, Vince WAS blind. The contacts that gave his eyes the milky appearance made his vision completely blurred. As a result, most of the day he had to be led around by the make-up crew. The high point was during a break when Eddie was telling a long and involved joke to everyone where the punch-line was visual. Vince had to have it explained to him. It was only then that I really realised how much this guy gives to the show.

* My toughest run-on sentence was the second scene in The Officials office. It was such a mouth full and Josh is a stickler for accuracy that many a take were wasted getting the line.

* The beach at the ocean during the photo shoot is Ocean Beach in Point Loma, the sunset was in La Jolla.

* The last of our "Cemetary" trilogy. One more and I think we win a prize or something...

Well, that does it for the 'first season'. As you may have guessed, it's kinda the first season and kinda not. The reason for the lay over is the october network premieres, the November sweeps and the December holidays. I remember they did this to B-5 and it was frustrating having to wait. But, the results were ultimately positive for B-5 and we'll just have to trust TPTB on this one. Besides, this just means that you can watch shirtless Vince again.

So that about does it for me. I can hardly keep up with all the activity on this BBoard now a days. That excites me and the rest of the cast (Who all had glowing reports about their chat sessions!) Thank you so much for being a part of this show!



P.S. - I changed my e-mail for those of you in the past that did not receive any reply. I'll post it if you have any further questions.