Date:  11/15/2000
Subject:  Eberts file: Random ramblings...

Hey all -

I know there's not a new episode for another 2 months (I'm bummed too) but seeing as how it's a chain reaction, I haven't posted in a while and basically R2 told me I was over due for a post so I thought what the heck. Besides, you guys always deserve to be kept in the loop!

Well, I wrapped Eberts for the first season of I-man. I guess I should say the first 23 episodes before we go on hiatus, because I now have no clue what's considered first and second season. The rest of the gang has a little more to go but after that it's purely in the hands of the talented editors, sound mixers and effects people to make these nine episodes as fabulous as I think they will be. I really wish I could talk about what we did, but I could get in trouble. Suffice it to say that there are surprises, introductions and something that will definitely appeal to all you web fans. I've said enough!!!

Let me now address something that I wanted to talk about for some time but held back. As you read in Davron's post, Matt Greenberg was forced to leave the show. It was right after the third episode and really terrified everyone as to the fate of I-man. Fortunately, David Levinson was up to the challenge. Since that point, David's been the creative force behind the show and as you can tell, been doing a bang up job. We all miss Matt terribly and hope that he can re-join his 'baby' sometime soon. Whew! Glad to finally get that off my chest!

Hey, I-man's on right now! Man, look at my sideburns! What was I thinking? The bar unit was built and used for the show "Cover Me". (Bonus tidbit!)

Let me tell you how wonderful it was to finally meet the backward rapster herself! R2 (stacey) and her posse (Helena1 (Brenda) and katrynseid (Pam) (sp?)) got to stop by the other day on set and check the show out from the other side of the television. Let me tell you how cool it was to finally meet fans of the show. Everyone on set was totally thrilled to meet true fans of the show. It was reassuring to know that the work being done in a sound stage in San Diego is appreciated. Pam, Stacey and Brenda are truly classy ladies and they represented all of the I-man fans admirably. And they even got to hold the towel!

Well, that's all I can think of. I'm watching I-man while I type so I'm not that coherent (Still love the "that bitch" line). You guys are holding up well! I'll try to sneak a post in a little more often. It the very least I can do!

Thank you so much!!