Date: 2/11/2001
Subject:  Eberts' File: Diseased

Hello all!

What can I say but Iím so very sorry! Someone commented that I fell in a black hole. Close to the truth. Itís been a long week and I fell into the black hole of long filming days. All I can say is sorry, but hopefully what I was doing will make up for it. I really think youíre gonna love this episode.

Well, itís been two episodes since Iíve chatted with you. As you may have noticed, I was not in FIT (I'll explain why at a later date.). This in addition to my chat on Tuesday made me decide to not put up a FIT file. That coupled with the fact that I really didnít have any tidbits about it since I wasnít in it.

Regarding the chat, let once again say what an absolutely wonderful time I had. It was a little confusing at first, as I wasnít able to find out who asked which question. Also there were some problems with the asking of questions. Those problems aside, I still had a great time and hope you all did as well. Special kudos to my typist, Ben, who kept up with my rambling and reminded me what spoilers to talk about and what we should save. He paid you all a complement by saying that heíd never seen so many questions posted. I told him that you guys are just the nicest fans around and that I wasnít surprised. I still havenít seen my chat transcript posted, so perhaps some enterprising person who logged it could get me a copy.

All right, now down to brass tacks. Diseased really seemed to have it all: suspense, action, comedy and Arnaud! All that and a scooter chase! As we push toward the end of season one, I think this episode begins a chain of excellent episodes.

And now, the tidbits:

*You have no idea how much Paul Ben-Victor sprayed that disinfectant. I can safely say that no one had germs anywhere on them that day.
* As of airdate, this episode ranks as one of Vinceís favorites.

* Hats off to Vincent. As he noted, itís hard trying to replicate a sneeze.

* The scooter chase was done at Belmont Park, a small amusement park in San Diego which features a really neat roller coaster built in 1925.

*Vince was really encased in that goop and couldnít get out. He had to be loaded onto the set on a dolly. Because plaster was cold, it lowered his body temperature and he had to take a few moments to warm up. As a result, Vinceís stand in, Richard, was used in one scene when Darien was lying on the lab chair. The arm goop on the other hand (pun intended) did come off a little too easily and had to be touched up before it could be filmed breaking off.

*The actor working in the Chinese restaurant and I acted in a car alarm training video of questionable quality. I played an sales advice giving angel

*The site for the exterior of Fort Levitt fell through at the last minute. The guard shack at Stu Segall filled in nicely.

*This is Michael Grossmanís second episode, but not his last! In addition to directing the Angel episode, heís also responsible for numerous Arli$$ episodes, Earth 2 and Tom Hankís miniseries: From the Earth to the Moon.

* When I went to my trailer this episode I noticed a large bag off dog food on an upper shelf. It turns out that Joel Bissonette has a large dog that he takes to the set quite often and my trailer doubles for his when he works. Either that or Joel has some odd eating habits.

Well, thatís what I got. Hope itís useful. Iíll try to get the next file in before too long, but another long work week looms. Some of you have noticed that your ratings have sagged a bit since the new time change. I would be lying if I didnít say we were a little bit worried, but we have two things going for us: An excellent show and you guys. So if you havenít introduced your friends to the joys of Quicksilver madness, I invite you to strap them to a chair this Monday and let them watch! Theyíre bound (pun intended; man Iím tired to be punning.) to be hooked.

As always, we would not be here with out your support.

This is your show.

Thanks, Mike