Date: 3/25/2001
Subject:  Eberts File: MFN

 Hello all!!!

I apologize for not visiting here during the long and slightly unexpected hiatus. Forgive me, I was busy with the show and honestly couldn’t post with out spoiling upcoming episodes. Also forgive sci-fi for the hiatus, they were keeping us safe from those nasty sweeps weeks on the networks. Be all that as it may thank you for sticking it out! From the sheer volume on the Bboard (actually had trouble logging on!) as well as the posts it looks like you really enjoyed MFN! So did I!

And how about the end? I had been very subtly hinting that we were aware of your web presence and support and would try to thank you for it in my past interviews and posts. This is what I meant. For one episode, you play producer, writer and director of I-Man and choose Darien’s fate. Is that just the coolest thing or what?! I am so happy I can finally talk about it.

Now about that choice you all have. I read a few posts saying that there actually isn’t a choice: that sci-fi will simply say the vote went to whichever ending they shot. Let me tell you right now that that is not true. Two separate portions of MFN were filmed based on each response. While I can’t go into details, know that this is not fixed and someday you’ll see my alternate script pages and maybe even the alternate sequences (but no promises on that.) We set out to do this and we will not cheat our way out!

Other business: we’ve moved back to Friday nights…hooray! While the Monday Prime was…fun, I really think we’re back where we belong. ‘Nuff said.

And now for a few tidbits…

* I added the word "Umbrage" to my line. My 7th grade English teacher and me are very proud to have worked that in.

* Vince once again dons the contact lens for the show. While not totally blinding, they did severely limit his vision and after about 30 minutes made him a little queasy.

* Eddie had a little trouble with his speech. He kept trying to add extra words into it (I think it was ‘heating’) and had to start over again. Luckily I wasn’t being filmed because I was cracking up everytime.

* Fun Bobby hair. Darien’s hair droops when he’s depressed. This was a bit that Vince though up and said came from his ‘Friends’ stint as "Fun Bobby". He said that when he was the life of the party (drunk) his hair was up and wild. When he was depressed (sober) so was his hair. When I finally see it Darien gets the point and tries to fix it. Behind the Official as he walks you can see that action take place before we cut to a closer shot of us. Oops!

* The Roulette operator is Darien’s stand in, Richard. They had been looking for a role for him and everyone was thrilled when he got it.

* Arnaud’s exterior Casino is actually San Diego State University.

* The casino scenes were cut down for time. A few fine actors were reduced to non-speaking roles in the final version. Sorry guys!

* My college friend Leigh-Ann Danner appears at the hospital as the nurse.

* We are beginning to accept the fact that yes, the Agency is based in San Diego. While never verbally stated, the addresses certainly are there.

* I-Man is now showing in France. I’m told by my brother-in-law living in France that my line "You Bitch" in SA (or was it TVOS) addressed to the soap opera I was watching translates to "You slut". Please excuse the language, but I’m just the reporter here. Apparently we have a great time slot there. If you’re French and read this, let me know.

Well, that’s what I got this episode. I will tell you that the next five episodes are so incredible that I can’t wait until you see them. Each one has plot ramifications, some of them major. But please just concentrate on your task at hand: voting! No hanging chads, please (sorry Florida).

As I always say, you are the reason we are here. This episode allows you to see that. I managed to see the cast today (Saturday) and the first thing that they all asked me was "So what do the fans on the net think?" We are listening (and next episode actively responding) to you and appreciate your time and enthusiasm.

Thank you so much.