Date: 4/2/2001
Subject:  Eberts File: MFN2

Greetings to all!

This week I offer you a choice. If you vote ‘A’ you get the Eberts Files. Choose ‘B’ and it’s…well, I guess there is no other option, so Eberts Files it is!

As Eberts, I must say that I’m disappointed with your selection to have Hobbes side with QS-mad Darien. Shame on you! As Mike, I totally knew that you’d pick this option! You’re all rebels at heart and you love it! Besides, it’s always Hobbes job to bring Fawkes in because he’s acting up. This is the one opportunity you have to see the boys go down the dark path. Although now that we know which direction you like, who knows what those clever writers will dream up.

What a wild episode MFN2 was! A real departure from the lighter first half, MFN2 featured some very disturbing elements mixed in with some truly hilarious ones. Add to that Arnuad now being able to turn invisible (but not turn back) and it really raises the stakes to the show. Wow.

Okay, with that in mind, let’s get down to the ‘bits’.

* The man playing the doorman was originally slated to play the senator way back in The Catevari! Unfortunately, a scheduling error prevented him from doing it at the literal last minute. A large poster of him as the senator had to be scrapped and another actor managed to fill in.

* Those with the sharp eye will notice the paint store employee (it was a paint store, right?) as Leonard Stone, Mr. Salt from ‘Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory’.

* The Mime is actually a close friend of mine, Ryan Drummond. Oddly enough, Ryan’s other job is as a singer in the show Forever Plaid and also the voice of Sonic the Hedgehog in the video games. Ryan had to take day off after this shoot because of all the jumping and falling to the ground he had to do produced some serious soreness. Additionally, they ended up having to re-shoot him getting all bloodied up because the original take had him spurting blood everywhere. This meant taking all the makeup off (including the mime make-up) and reapplying it so that he could get beat up again.

* Ryan was beat up in the Balboa park museum section. Behind him is the arboretum.

* Arnuad is now closer to the original Invisible Man by H.G. Wells. The story in that is of a scientist who is not so nice to start turning invisible but can’t revert back. He eventually goes mad starts to kill.

* Eddie added a line after his ‘dog that pees on the carpet’ line. I think it was along the lines of ‘he tries to be good but he just can’t help it.’ Didn’t make the cut. Bummer.

* Arnaud’s head looks swelled during the operation due to a fluid build-up outside his cranium. That has to be the answer, right? ;-)

* Hey the website finally got updated! It looks great! Unfortunately, someone declassified some records on Allianora a little too early. They have been amended, the guilty parties have been ‘dealt with’ and as loyal officers of F&G (I just deputized all of you) you are to refrain from speaking about any of it. I thank you for your cooperation.

* Eustace is not Eberts name. I’ll explain later.

And now for a little off topic stuff. This weekend (part of the reason this File is late) I gave in to my sci-fi roots and drove up to the Star Trek Grand slam convention hosted by creation entertainment (Who are receiving bad karma from me, but that’s a different story). There I was able to mix and mingle with true diehard fans of all things sci-fi and see some child hood heroes. I have to admit that this was my first convention of pure sci-fi (not counting last years comic-con) and it was truly awesome. Being a part of the whole sci-fi world now it was wonderful and humbling to see thousands of people celebrate and love a show that started over 33 years ago. I sincerely hope that 33 years from now I’ll be on some stage talking to all of you about what we did here and now.

Someone said that they ran an interview of me on TV guide channel. I missed it, what did I say? Anybody have copy?

Well, that about does it for me. Hope we’re keeping you glued to you seats every Friday at 8pm, I know we’re trying! I also hope that you enjoyed this little gift of control we gave to you this week. You earned it and then some! Until next time, thank you very much.