Date:  4/20/2001
Subject:  eberts' file: LEGENDS

Hello folks!

Well, just getting this one in under the wire! I almost had to do a double feature of Ebertís files to start the new season off. That would have been bad. Truth is, Iíve been busy shooting I-Man and some other things that Iíll talk about some other time. But for now, because weíre almost to episode two, letís jump into number one!

Hey, welcome one and all to Season Two! Yay, we made it this far! And we start off with the creepy/funny "Legends". A little offbeat for a season premiere, but so is the show.

First things first. I noticed some very diverse opinions on this EP. They ranged from loving it to wellÖnot loving it. Some felt it silly and out of character for the showís realistic grounding. A very apt comment and if that is your opinion, we support it. I will say that there always lies a hidden problem with the success of a show and itís continued existence. Itís summed up in this little showbiz maxim:"More of the same, but different". It means that people want to see their favorite characters challenge their boundaries but only to a certain extent. To bend, but not break the rules. To that end that is what we try to do overtime, bend the show but not break it. Push its boundaries so that not only will it be a fresh direction, but it also saves you from repeat storylines.

Now I thought that legends bent the rules, provided a great story and a fun time for all. But that is my opinion. So as we push into a new season I simply ask what I did at the beginning of the first season: "Give us a chance to show you what weíre up to." Weíre trying new stuff and adding new faces and it all deserves an un-jaundiced eye. If you like it, great! Thanks for the chance. If not, let us know (i.e. fish lady) and we will do our best to listen.


And now that thatís been said...the bits!

The woods section was filmed in the northern part of San Diego. It was also shot during the rainy season in southern Cal. Translated, itís about 45 degrees, damp and rainy. Vince and company did not have a great time outdoors.

A few people got poison ivy rashes. Luckily, since the cast had got them before on a 1st season shoot, they knew what to watch out for. Fun!

We moved! Sorry F&G, BIA is the new home! The whole placed was decked out in fun Native American paraphernalia. Included was the tiny Kachina dolls (I think thatís what they were called.) on the Officialís desk and a tiny canoe. Everybody get to work on your WebPages!

You probably noticed all the new trimmings, but how about the size of the place? The Officials office was expanded by about four feet to form more of a box as opposed to a long rectangle. This allows the camera to get better angles. The walls have new lights and a fresh coat of paint.

Michael Grossman (the director) kept looking at me during the first scene and saying, "I have bit for you". I had no Idea what he was talking about. Finally, he produced the headdress and stand and we filmed the shot where it looks like the chief headdress is on my head. Much kudos went his way from me for that inspired bit of silliness.

Many of you are wondering if there are new credits for the season. Yes.

Well, this is a bad Eberts' file I admit. Iím a little rushed (I shoot tomorrow and Iím sleepy) and couldnít really concentrate. Gimmie a mulligan on this one and maybe in the next file (or the one after that!) Iíll really shine.

Well, letís do this again! You guys are incredible, awesome, inspiring fans. We aim to please and hope we hit the mark! Thank you for your time and dedication!