Date:  06/19/2001
Subject:  Eberts' File: JA

Welcome back –

Well, another long hiatus has come and gone and once again you’ve come back for more I-Man! Thank you for your perseverance and stamina. Your reward comes in the form of a summer of no repeats! So grab an iced tea (preferably Luizanne!), lather up on sun tan lotion and hang on!

So I guess this is fair to call this a post-apocalyptic file! Sorry, I just couldn’t resist! Looks like most people came away liking this episode. I think I’m one of them as JA proved to be a tense debate over ‘the needs of the many versus the needs of the one’ mixed in with some real genuine great storytellng. That and video games always make for a great episode.

So with that in mind, let’s get down to what you’ve all come to hear…the tidbits! As always, these are simply little things I noticed while I was filming the episode so they are subject to my memory and my skewed point of view…

We get to once again see my house! This time I actually cleaned it up quite a bit, looking like the ‘grandma’s house’ it should. The lower half of a house near the San Diego Zoo was rented for my digs. The filming occurred the day after we filmed the scenes for "TIOBE".

Yes, I do have an Official picture in my house. For the opening, Greg filmed three alternatives: one with me holding a pillow, one with a teddy bear (a la ‘Radar’) and one clutching The Official’s picture to my chest while we watched soaps. Craig Silverstein told me that everyone thought the last choice was the funniest, but that it ‘implied all sorts of things we don’t even want too approach.’

Contrary to popular belief, I only have one picture of The Official. It is simply a quantum photo!

I hid a mirror universe ‘Spock’ doll on the set in my house. I don’t know if it’s visible in the shots but it was first on a table and then on the mantle.

To avoid trademark infringement I ate "Creo’s" instead of "Oreo’s". Still, getting paid to sit in pajamas and eat is not a bad lifestyle.

The game featured was the N64 game "Perfect Dark". I’ve only played the game once and for good reason. The engine it was built on was the N64 smash hit "Goldeneye". This was a game that consumed a great deal of my life. If you’ve ever wondered what I did between the pilot in August and the first episode in March, try playing that game! I had completed all levels of the game on all setting except one…AND IT DROVE ME NUTS! Finally I wound up doing what every normal person would do in shoes: I cheated. I have absolutely no shame in admitting that a cheat code helped me defeat the level that stopped my life from being productive.

As far as the music for the game….

All hail Greg Yataenines! The boy is pure gold with his episodes. There are so many shots that look like they should be on the big screen that it’s hard to even pick a favorite. Although Vince and Adam set against the desert was a beauty.

Speaking of Greg, credit him for my slightly out of character exclamations. Greg wanted that ‘wipe’ of me playing video games with Adam when The Official asked where I was. I started in a very Eberts’ state of control. Greg kept telling me to go bigger. So I did just that. Eventually, strange phrases started popping out of my mouth that started to bust up the crew and Greg. He kept rolling and so did I. When we finished, he couldn’t stop laughing. To this day, crewmembers still approach me and ask, "Who has released the dogs"

The opening "Worms eye" shot was accomplished by a new piece of camera equipment. It’s essentially an angled mirror that allows the camera to gets those cool shots. We use it again in ‘Postal’. That’s not a spoiler!

The East German scientist looks suspiciously like our line producer Ed Ledding.

Michael Welch, Adam, really saved this episode. When we got this script we knew that a bad Adam could really sink the episode. Luckily, Michael turned a difficult role in a believable, sympathetic character. Michael is already a pro at the business. With Star trek, Fraiser and X-Files to his credit, his resume is better than mine is!

Michael did admit that I knew more about video games that anyone over 20 that he knew. Does that make me hip or a nerd? I vote ‘B’.

People that made me laugh during a scene: Eddie Jones during the last scene.
People that I made laugh during a scene: Vince when I said, "He can ‘chill ‘ with me".

Well, that’s all I got. It sounded like a plug for all my scenes, but that’s what I remembered. Of course it always happens to me: I’ll be sitting somewhere and suddenly I remembered the coolest or funniest thing about a previous episode. Anyway, hope they were of some use.

I’m rusty at this again! This is my warm-up episode before the big summer of sci-fi push so hopefully all the kinks will be worked out. We’ve got so many cool episodes and surprises that I have to stay razor sharp to keep you in the know!

But for now, I’m tired. As always, each of us here thanks you for not just tuning in, but logging on. You are the always the people we want to impress the most because you care the most.

Thanks you,