File: F2B
Date: 07/31/2001

Greetings to all!

Welcome everybody to yet another exciting dissection of our favorite show in the form of Eberts’ Files! Thousands of years from now, scholars may debate the value of the aforementioned files, but for now we all know that they allow you, the viewer to learn a little more about what we, the actors, writers, directors and crew do to make I-Man the great show it is! So let us now turn our eyes to Flash to Bang!

This was a really fun episode in my estimation. Craig really balanced the elements of fun and drama in this one and wound it all together with two of our favorite villains, Arunad and Stark. The pacing, jokes and suspense turn this into a nice midway point episode in season two.

But enough of that let get into the "tidbits"…

Focus-puller: on the bench of the police station at the end of a long line of thugs waiting to be processed is our very own focus-puller, Richard! Richard’s normal job is to make sure the camera lens stays in focus by turning a little dial on the camera while cameraman Spencer keeps us all in frame. This episode Richard employs both definitions of the word.

Ah, the ever rugged looking…Arnaud? I completely didn’t recognize Joel when we were filming that day because he was wearing a baseball cap and had the beard on before his scene. He looked like a trucker. So why did Craig decide to have Arnaud in a beard? Better for disguising himself? In case the mask rips the beard will cover it? The real reason is that Joel is currently shooting a small part n a movie in Canada that requires him to be bearded. He was able to be spirited away long enough to shoot our episode, but the beard had to stay.

We see beautiful Balboa park in the background again.

This episode featured three of my friends on camera. Most of you are probably know Jason as Dr. Murav, (you can read all about his adventures on his website better known as fishtaco. However, the Nurse (Myra) and the desk cop (Matt) are also good friends. Sharp-eyed viewers may also remember Matt as orderly number three in IHWYDT. As a side note, Jason and I appear in an episode of The Chronicle and Myra one before us!

Eberts to marry Agent Monroe! Well, maybe not. I received a lot of e-mails and even a call from my dad about Alex flirting with Eberts. Does this become anything? Well, we’ll just have to wait and see…

This episode is credited with being directed by Jim Contner. Unfortunately, Jim’s back was still hurting from Bad Chi, which forced him to take a pass on directing this time. Luckily, Bill Norton was able fill in quickly and did a great job. Jim did show up on set to film the dance scene from bad chi between Darien and Claire. It was obvious he was in quite a bit of pain, which made him all the bigger trooper for showing up at all!

Well, that’s what I got for F2B, take or leave it! Next week I’ll probably have a little bit more, but this week I’m drawing a blank! To any extent, I thank you for reading. Our surprises are just beginning for this season and we hope to keep you entertained! Again, thank you so very much.