File: "The Choice" & IG
Date: 08/23/2001

Bon jour, mon ami! Welcome to a belated edition of Eberts Files! A big apology to those of you wondering where Iíve been. The combination of a heavy shooting schedule and a weeklong trip to France totally took me out of the loop. Sorry about that, guess Iíll just have to make it up to you with a double file!

Couple of things before we start. First, Iím happy to say that I-Man is doing quite well in France. I met some fans of the show and they were thrilled to meet someone on I-man. For the record, Darien is "Damien" in their version, The Keeper is simply "Claire" and you donít pronounce the ĎHí in "Hobbes". The dubbing of our voices is quite good, although I go from a tenor to a baritone in the translation.

Secondly, I want to thank Brandy Ledford for posting last week. I had mentioned it to her during the comic-con and evidently she took me up on the idea. It also filled in for my file while I was out of the country. She did a great job and hopefully showed everyone what a wonderful person she is.

So letís start up on our two-for-one file here with "The Choice"! At last we get to learn a bit more about Alex and her struggle to get her child back. This was a fascinating story that continued the plot line of both Alex and Chrysalis. Brandy really gets to strut her stuff and really shows us some acting Ďchopsí. We also see the home life of the much hated Stark. All that and babies! How can you go wrong!

And now the bitsÖ

In the script, when Darien greets all of us in the file room, he does so by raising his hand with the post-it note on it in a Vulcan salute (the "V" formed between middle and ring fingers). He did it on a couple of takes but not the one that made it to the final cut. If you look closely, you will see me doing the Vulcan salute in response to his salute. It looks weird out of context, but now you know why itís there!

When Hobbes bursts into the room to throw out the water cooler/bomb, he bumps into me. Cut from the scene was my "ouch!" reaction. Funny, but not necessary.

Speaking of Vulcans, we had an Ďalmost Vulcaní in our midst. The woman who played Starkís wife (and as always, her name escapes me.) was originally cast to play the role of the Vulcan TíPol (although it was Tí Pau when she was cast) in the new Star Trek series "Enterprise". Ultimately, Paramount chose to go in a different direction with the role and re-cast it. A mistake in my opinion, because she is one hell of a talented actress. I may get in trouble for saying all this, but she really blew us a way on set and so I need to give her Ďpropsí.

Iíd like to take this opportunity to ask a moment of silence for my dear departed turtle "Alonzo"Ö. Thank you. I had tried to change the name from "Alonzo" to "Eustace". I thought that since the sci-fi website called me Eustace Eberts for a while it would be fun to actually have a "Eustace" on the show. Michael Grossman cleared and we were all set to add it in. So what happened? Eddie couldnít pronounce "Eustace" when the cameras rolled. We went through about four takes before we cut it and wen back to script. Afterward Eddie figured out how to say it. BTW, Alonzo was in the car because I was teaching him how to drive ;-).

Two sets of twins were used for this episode. The reason is that child labor laws prevent children from being overworked. Therefore the younger the child, the less time they can be on set. Babies are two hours and then thatís it. Two sets of similar looking twins gives you eight hours of shooting if needed. Fortunately, the kids were pretty well behaved and so rarely pushed the time limit.

The station that Starkís wife walks through is the Santa Fe Train Station in downtown SD. It was originally built in 1887. Vince loved that shot and really wished he was in it instead of Starkís wife.

And now letís switch to "Immaterial Girl"! Our second Ďghostí story (both by David Levinson) for I-man and a definite creepy addition. IG harkens back to the first season on many levels and succeeds on many. Without too much at stake, itís a fun, dynamic episode.

And hereís some more bits!

Eddie looked very creepy in those eyes! As with all the contacts, they are not comfortable and can only be worn for a short time.

Many of you will recognize the nerdy scientist in the accelerator as the mime beaten to a pulp in "MFN, pt2". Thatís my friend Ryan Drummond. He also recently appeared in an episode of The Chronicle as a nerdy tech guy. There is a pattern emerging.

We had some ghosts of our own in this episode. The lights that were supposed to flicker in the office basically had a mind of their own. Sometimes theyíd flicker, sometimes not. Occasionally theyíd flicker when they werenít supposed to! Spooky!

Ah, the fabulous lint brush! Often Iím put in a scene with little or nothing to do. In the beginning Iíd basically just stand in the background and do nothing. The result would be that Iíd get cut out of the scene or only seen on the background. Not too exciting. Gradually, Iíve begun to find things to fill those dull moments. Michael Grossman placed me at the far end of the room so that the "Shut-up Eberts" line would work. This basically left me in limbo with nothing to do. I asked Michael what I would be doing. Michael said filing or something; it was up to me. I looked down at the fabric on the chair and it hit me. I asked josh props for a lint roller and cleared it with Grossman. The reason I go into detail with this story is that when Eddie saw me lint rolling the chair, he thought it was the goofiest thing he had seen. He was from that point on convinced that I was always doing something that silly behind him that upstaged him in the scene. He now jokingly looks over his shoulder at me for lint brushes during every take.

We finally admit that weíve moved to the BWM. Sharp-eyed fans will notice that the office has been decorated with antique weights and measures!

Well, two files in one, each half as long! Not exactly a bargain, but Iím a little rushed, as I have to be on set pretty soon. I just didnít want to leave you guys high and dry any longer. Donít worry though, Iíll make it up to you. I may have a fun idea for a chat on Labor Day. Weíll see if I can pull it off!

So until next episode (egad, tomorrow!) I bit you adieu. In any language, you are the best.



P.S.- all of youwho have sent me e-mails, I ask for a little time here as I got swamped when I returned home! :-)