Date:  7/24/2000
Subject:  Eberts' File

Hey everybody!

Hope you all enjoyed "TDYK" as much as I did. It was a tense and revealing episode that certainly expanded the history of The Official (Or should I say Charlie?) as well as the Agency. And on a more personal note, I feel it was the best acting I've done to date!

Okay, here's the long winded explaination...

"TDYK" has been the most rewritten script yet. It went through about three complete overhauls that I don't even have time to go into. Characters, setting and plot all went through the 'spin cycle' several times. My character was not in the first version, then appeared in the second, was written out in the third and finally stayed in the shooting draft.


After I had been booked to appear in the Official's office manning the slide projector, something happened with the slides. They would not be ready until later in the week. As a result, they were forced to reblock the scene with The Official running the slide projector. That left me the odd man out (A fitting title) and so I didn't report to set that week.

Because I was contracted to be in the episode, I guess they were oblgated to place my credits in the opening. Personally, I was as surprised as everybody else was to see my name there. I had thought about not telling anyone about this and have people scrutinize the tape in a "Where's Waldo" search for me. Then I thought better of it.

 Despite all it's productions twists and turns, I really liked this episode. Luke Lawson was a creepy guy to be sure.

And now a couple of odds and ends...

Thanks to Oboecrazy for the history behind the phrase "The Devil You Know". Peter Hume, writer title his original draft "The Hume you know"

The Hotel that Darien tracks the bio-terrorist to is A Hilton in Torrey Pines, La Jolla. It's a fabulous place to stay and has a great hot tub (From personal knowledge!)

We finally learn The Official's name! At least we think we do. Talking with Eddie Jones recently, he is convinced that Charlie is really an alias. I guess we'll just have to wait.

On Saturday, the cast went to the San Diego Comic-Con. They spoke to a packed house and later signed autographs. I stopped by (I had a rehearsal for soemthing else) and found them swamped! This was my first time I'd ever been to one and it was amazing!

Well, that's all the time I have for right now. As always, thank you, especially you who post on this board, for watching and supporting! I'll be back soon for "Liberty and Larceny".