Date:  7/30/2000
Subject:  eberts' file

Hello all -

Sorry that I haven't kept up dillegently with my posts. The truth is that I'm a little swamped. We are wrapping the last episode before we go on hiatus for a month and I'm also preparing to perform in a musical 4 days from now. Needless to say my time is a little short.

Given that, let me also admit that I haven't finished watching "L & L" yet. I'm about half through. So with that in mind, my 'tidbits' are a little truncated this week.

Hey I'm back in the show! I will say that besides last week where I had no lines or scenes, this is the least I ever do. While it could have been only one line for me (or even one number), I chose to look at it as a full sentence: "Eighty-seven thousand....".

It was actually okay that I didn't have much to do. A finger in the eye during a basketball game turned my right eye bloodshot red for a week. If you look closely at my close up, I'm trying hard to keep my head down and my gaze to my left. This was the only angle where the redness was not seen. The director asked why I was doing this, then I showed him and he agreed.

In addition to Darien abusing his QS power with the handicap sequence, he also lifted a senator's wig off his head during a rally. That part didn't make it through editing.

We almost ran out of Quicksilver request forms for Darien to rip. First let me back up and say that the props department is awesome! You never see it, but the form as files I have are all completely authentic looking. I always marvel at the time and energy that props puts into things that will never been seen. Anyway, Darien rips up the QS request form and takes off. Because it involved special effects, it took a lot of takes. At first the on set props guru, Josh, was confident that we had enough, about 25. As the rehearsals and the numerous takes took their toll on the request forms, Josh slowly began to sweat. We were down to 8 left when the hurried off looking for a suitable replacement. Luckily, we stopped with about 4 left. Okay, maybe not the best story in the world, but I only had one good eye that episode so it was fun to watch.

Quick info on Shannon. She does voices for the cgi show "Max Steel" and "Batman Beyond" among others.

Well as I said, the show takes a breather for august. That's great for Paul and especially Vince. Can you imagine shooting 12- 16 hours a day, learning a new script every nine days, replacing dialogue in your spare time and having a newborn son after episode two?!! I hope Vince rests during this time off, because he deserves it!

As for me, I'll continue to fight the good fight here. You people are wonderful for your dedication to this new show and I want you to know that you are appreciated.



P.S.- For those that E-mailed me...there's something wrong with my e-mail program. I can receive, but not send. I'm sorry but I will respond...soon. I hope. MM