Date:  8/7/2000
Subject:  Eberts' File

Hello everyone -

Again I'm sorry about not keeping up on these files. As I mentioned earlier, I've been busy preparing for a stage show and we are in the midst of preview week. So with five shows in three days finally over with, I now have Monday to write again. But boy, am I tired.

You know, everybody felt that "ralph" was going to be a great epispde frmr the start. You sometimes simply get that feeling on a script or project. Others though, you never know how they'll turn out until you see them. Happily, "The Value of Secrets" turned out to be a real gem.

Here'sa few things...

* Paul Ben-Victor really shot around in The officials chair, didn't he! In fact, he did it so much in rehearsal that he put a little dent in the wall. He also bowled over Eddie jones on more than one occassion during taping.

* at last we see the infamous picture of The Official with JFK. Originally it was in "The Catevari" with an invisible Darien drawing a moustache on The Official. It was cut for time and Vince and the rest of us were looking for a way to work it in ever since. David Jackson (A nice, nice guy) decided to finally cross that barrier and it got a nice close up. It also shows The Official's past and the connections he once had.

* About Darien's tattoo. Originally it was to either a rat (as in lab) or a moon (when it was full, lunacy).

* My relationships to everyone but The Official is pretty hazy. That started to change ever so slightly in this episode with Hobbes (watch when I hand him the brochure) and becomes a lot cleared in "Seperation Anxiety."

* VVSB'ers I've seen the episode and the scene. You will not be disappointed.

* For those wondering, yes that is me in the Gieco spot shown at the 8pm est time slot. I'm not sure if it's coincidence or not, but they seem to like to run it during I-man. On a weird side note, during the the shooting of that spot one to the many bloodhounds bumped into the middle of my pants before the shot and left slobber all over it. I will never forget that shoot because I had two costumers with hair dryers desperately trying to blow-dry the stain off my crotch. Ah, show biz.

* Responding to an eariler post, yes that's also me in "18 wheels of Justice".

Well as always, thank you for watching. As davron pointed out, the ratings have dipped a bit. I think that it may be due in part to "Big Brother", but it is of slight concern. I hope that you let people know what you think of this show and invite them to watch. Sci-fi can advertise, but your opinions matter a whole lot more to your friends.

Well, I need to shut down my quantum computer for a while. Until next time, thanks!