Date:  8/14/2000
Subject:  Eberts' file

I really don't know why they have that "Clear form" button. I was just putting the finishing touches on my post when I hit that accidentally. A lot of work down the drain. Oh well, let's try this again...

Hello all!

Hope you enjoyed that little look at Hobbes' previous life and love in Seperation Anxiety. Hobbes is such a great character that it's always fun to find out more about him. Some excellent twists and turns along the way made it a fun episode.

Here's some little items....

* At last we know what The Official and Eberts do during their spare time. Lines often don't survive from first to final draft in scripts, however, I was thrilled that the "That Bitch" line made it through.

* We also see a little bit of animosity between Hobbes and Eberts. Originally, the script call for Hobbes to call me a "Pencil-neck". I don't really have a Pencil-neck so Paul embellished the script as only he could. Both Paul and I were happy to find something to work with in our relationship.

* The TV was never plugged in. Mimi Leder, our wonderful script supervisor provided the voices on set. They were later dubbed in.

* also dubbed in were my lines on the phone. Originally we thought it would be funny if after I picked up the phone I would simply listen, then hang up. Fortunately, somebody up the food-chain realized that didn't make any sense, so I dubbed in those lines later.

* Paul had one tricky line that really proved to be a tounge-twister. Many a take he'd make it through effortlessly only to stumble at the very last couple of words. It is a testament to his skill and talent that he did make it through and got the line out perfectly. On the episode it was about 3 seconds long.

* I had to shoot the hallway scene about 5 days before Hobbes and Darien. The reasons I may reveal later.

 * VVSB'ers: This week or next....

Well, I have a bad head-cold right now so I'm increasingly aware that this might not make any sense. As always, thank you for watching.

Mike M