Fan Fiction

**Wanna add your fic here?  Just send it on over to me in text format or a link to a site that has the story already done.**

A Good Deed -- By Lucy Hale -- PG
Find out what happens when the duo go on a mission for a supposedly dead woman.

Unlikely Hero -- By R2 -- PG
What happens when desk jockeys go into the field

An Eberts Interlude -- By Helena -- PG
A day in the life of Eberts

Shadow Boxing -- By LoganLover -- PG
Eberts joins the Agency.

The Kidnapping -- By Ohfan007 -- PG
Arnaud De Fohn decides to get his revenge on the Agency by kidnapping Eberts.

The Rescue -- By Ohfan007 -- PG13
Operation Get Eberts Out is started to save Eberts.

The Secret Love Affair -- By Ohfan007 -- PG
Alex falls in love with someone unexpected at the agency.