Author Helena
Title An Eberts Interlude
Rating PG
Disclaimer Okay…drunken writing…give me a break…I was thinking what Eberts might be like behind closed doors.  Not my characters…yada …yada…yada…..

Joshua Awakens

Joshua Eberts awoke to the wonderful energetics of Rage Against the Machine.  He kept his eyes closed for a moment, enjoying the thrill of the pulse pounding rhythms, coupled with the warm presence of his wife nestled against him.  A few minutes later, the song ended.  Unexpected dead air created a pleasantly contrasting silence.  As the next song began, he finally snuggled out from under Sarah's warm presence and reached up to turn off the alarm clock.

In the dead silence of the early hours before dawn, Eberts' rummaged through the dresser drawers for fresh underwear and then headed for the bathroom down the hall, so as not to disturb the sleep of his precious wife.  He began the morning pot of coffee, than stepped into a steaming shower.  Three minutes later, he emerged; clean from tip to toenails.  He poured himself a cup of coffee and then headed down the hallway to wake his wife.

Leaning down, he silently brushed back the stray curls that messily adorned her beautiful face.  As her eyelids began their slow flutter, he leaned in to kiss each tenderly.  They opened to behold the object of their affection.  "My love," she said sleepily.  "Mylove," he replied with deep feeling.

A slow passionate kiss ensued, as was their custom.  She reached out for his embrace, bringing him down to the bed.  After a moment's passion, he sat up, bringing her with him.  She sat beside him, pleased to rest within his embrace.  She snuggled a bit, breathing in the warm scent of him.  Finally, she pulled back.  "Will you be late
tonight my love," she asked.

He smiled down at his most petit, most beautiful wife.  "Now Shu, you know that I have no idea what this day will bring."

Sarah shrugged as she let the covers slide off into a puddle onto the bed and the floor.  She grabbed her robe from the hook and gave her love the most beautiful smile.

"Well then Joshua, what do you wish for breakfast this morning?" she asked.

Joshua felt the slow flush creep across his cheeks.  He wondered if he would ever overcome this obvious physical affection for his wife.  He bowed his head shyly.  "If you have the ingredients, I would love one of your asparagus cream cheese omelets."

Sarah smiled at that man she loved, pleased that he still blushed in her presence.  "Whatever you wish my love."  Sarah moved off towards the kitchen.

Joshua grabbed her as she passed, giving her an obvious display of his affection.  As they pulled apart, he looked steadily into her eyes.  "You do know how much I love you…right?"

She nodded slightly. "But you have no idea how much I love you" she said in completion of the ritual phrase.

They kissed…..deeply.  Then headed off to complete their respective morning routines.

Joshua slowly donned his colorless suit while giving his tie rack careful consideration.  The Official (Joshua never thought of him as anything but `The Official') had worn the gray stripe the day before.  That meant that he would be wearing the blue stripe today.  Joshua reached out for the blue stripe, tempted to go with the red instead.  He thought of his beautiful wife…how had he ever captured her?  How would he keep her if he bucked the system?  He donned the blue stripe with a slight twinge of regret for lost rebellion, tying…with unconscious effort,  a perfect Windsor knot on the first try.

Joshua contemplated his image in the mirror.  With a final brush of his hand across his hair, he considered himself perfectly conformed.  Wonderful odors began to drift into the bedroom.  Joshua followed them into the small kitchenette of their apartment.

Joshua entered the kitchen, smiling at the domestic simplicity before him.  Sarah worked the stove with casual efficiency.  Joshua took his accustomed seat, sipping at the perfectly prepared coffee set before him.  Sarah turned from the stove, planting a casual kiss on the top of Joshua's head as she turned a perfectly prepared omelet onto
his plate.  She graced his lips with a more meaningful kiss and then filled her own plate.  She delivered the pan to the sink and took her seat.

They ate in silence:  Joshua in awed reverence to the skill of the chef sitting opposite; Sarah in silent contemplation and worry of the day her husband, the agent, might spend..

Joshua finished with obvious relish.  "Fabulous as usual Shu."  He stood and placed his dishes in the sink, placing a kiss on Sarah's head on the way to the sink, engaging her in a passionate kiss on his return.

Sarah left her dish lying cold on the table, hardly touched, as she followed the love of her life to the front door.  He grabbed his brief case and turned to look at her.  They kissed. You do know how much I love you…right?" she asked.

Joshua looked into the eyes of the woman before him, "But you have no idea how much I love you" he said in completion of the ritual phrase.

With that he turned and grasped the doorknob….assuming the persona he hated, but found necessary to function in his day to day dealings with The Agency.

Eberts closed the door behind him and set off for work.