Sound Files

armsbudget.wav - "We don't have an arms budget.  Agents are required to supply their own weaponry within the confines--" "Okay, fine. Fine.  Give me one of yours on a loaner." "Pft. Yea Right." -Eberts, Darien, Hobbes

closed.wav - "What's the schmuck like?" "I've never met him. I don't know what became of him. And whenever I would ask, the Official's answer was always the same." **flashback** "That Book is closed.  That book is closed.  Shut up Eberts." -Hobbes, Eberts, The Official

killhobbes.wav - "I'm gonna kill Hobbes." "Oh no.  What'd he do this time?" -Darien, Eberts

knock2.wav - "We really wish you'd learn how to knock."-Eberts

lunch.wav - "...couldn't pull off a simple smash and grab without getting popped.  You didn't deserve to be saved." "Sir, I'll be taking my lunch now." "Stay right there." -The Official, Eberts

record.wav - "We maintain de-classified files on all of our personnel before they join the Agency. For example; Doctor, we have your Department of Defense record; Darien, we have your prison record." "Oh great." "Anything on, uh..." "These files are reserved for you.  Robert."-Eberts, Darien, Hobbes

sentences.wav - "Wrong answer." "We watch you finish the guy's sentences. You gotta know how they start."-Darien, Hobbes

spillit.wav - "None of you were cleared to know." "Well, guess what?" "Now we are." "Spill it." -Eberts, Darien, Hobbes, Claire

writeit.wav - "Write your name. You go see-thru, I shoot you." "Write your name." -Hobbes, Eberts